TESB-YodaSort of like a co-pilot, but more annoying.  Yoda’s entreaty “There Is No Try” has been my life motto.  It is even engraved via tattoo on one of my limbs (albeit disguised in Circular Gallifreyan – the language of the Time Lords).  He annoyingly whispers in my ear just when don’t think I can trudge one more step through the Dagobah swamps.  Then I think, “things are pretty fucked, but somehow, I’ll still make it to ComicCon one day.”

This blog is just a bunch of thoughts from a feminist, geek mom who is currently a laid-off Civics and Sociology teacher, and also a single mom of a boy who is unschooling.  Life is always an adventure, especially with Yoda on your back.

What do you think?

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