And that was Wednesday….

SO, to sum up today’s news…

  • Boston Bomber caught on video!
  • Boston Bomber arrested!
  • Ricin sent in letter to the President!
  • Margaret Thatcher’s funeral!
  • Wait! There is NO Boston Bomber yet!
  • But now that everyone’s at the Boston courthouse, Bomb Threat!
  • The Ricin guy is from Mississippi!
  • The murdered Texas District Attorney & and his wife were murdered by the wife of the justice of the peace!
  • The Senate is voting on reasonable gun regulation!
  • The Senate voted DOWN reasonable gun regulation
  • There is no news in Boston – the FBI says so!
  • President Obama is ANGRY in the Rose Garden, and Joe Biden might punch someone
  • The Ricin letter guy might be identified!
  • The President is REALLY RIGHTEOUSLY ANGRY, w/ Gabby Giffords and Newtown parents standing next to him. Uncle Joe may still punch someone.
  • The Ricin Guy is arrested!
  •  Aaaaaaaaand, Texas explodes.
Your Move, Thursday.



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