Meet my Betta, Alpha

My son went crazy over fish last week. He’s spent the last 8 days finding everything he can about fish and sharks (had a brief shark phase when he was around 4). He researched what the best fish would be to own as a new fish owner, and he learned everything he had to do before he even asked me if he could have one. We talked about it, and today he got his first fish.

A betta:


Me: “what will you name him?”

Son: “I’m not sure yet, I’m going to watch him for a while before I decide. But his temporary name is Alpha.”

Me: “Alpha?”

Son: “Yeah. You know…. my Betta, Alpha.”

…It’s my 10yr old’s world. I only live in it.



One thought on “Meet my Betta, Alpha

  1. Your son cracks me up. Is he still concerned about his future? Maybe Alpha will help him stave off any premature identity crises! Also, I know that Stu already nominated you for this, but since I adore you so much and am a giant copy cat, I also nominated you for the hokey Liebster Award. No pressure to partake, I just thought you deserved recognition!

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