Me: “we should have a catchphrase”
The Kid: “what’s a catchphrase?”
Me: “it’s like a unique thing we say to each other that’s like a code – it means something to us but no one else”
The Kid:“why do we need that?”
Me:“well all the great partnerships have catchphrases. And in the case, for instance, of one of us getting trapped by a group of ninjas, we’d have the catchphrase to leave in a secret message for the other person to track down the ninjas.”
The Kid: “ok. How about our catchphrase is ‘my mom is weird.'”
Me: “ok, we can just brainstorm it for a while.”



7 thoughts on “Catchphrases.

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    • My personal views on bndnairg is that taglines and logos can only do this much. What’s more important is the actual customer/visitor experience as well as their interactions with the staff on various fronts. Having a fancy tagline without addressing the fundamentals is just an exercise in creative brainstorming.

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    • How did she not notice that (a) she was wernaig a black plastic garbage bag, a bellhop hat and Chucks and (b) one of her norks had made a break for freedom? I don’t get it – wasn’t it a little breezy?

      • Bottom line, if you tell me your comic sucks, I will believe you.Seconded. A comic can be great, but it doesn’t matetr if its author pitches to me like that, then I don’t even check it out. I understand insecurity, for sure, but if you’re putting all this work into something and you can’t even bring yourself to say that reading it is a worthwhile use of my free time, then I won’t read it.

  4. Sow a thought and you reap an actoin; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny.Emerson, Ralph WaldoBRAVO to The Lebanon Fire & Rescue.Thank you for being our hero’s, through thick & thin.Please know that You are Loved, Respected, and Prayed for Daily. God Bless One and All.

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