[List] In Which I am Thankful

One of the things that most attracts me to people is if they have a thankful attitude.  If someone is a grateful spirit, they are always appreciative of the opportunities and challenges that life presents.  And sometimes life presents some pretty shitty challenges. So being a grateful person is a kind of being that further elevates our human nature from the basic Wheaton Rule: Don’t Be A Dick.

Thankfulness is a full time business for a person who sees himself/herself as “the Universe expressing itself as Human for a little while.” (Eckhart Tolle)

The holiday of Thanksgiving allows us the chance to make explicit the things we are constantly thankful for in our hearts.  So my list this week is the traditional Thankful List.  It is probably one of the most important lists in my life.

1. My son is healthy and I get to spend most days with him

2. Despite our hard times, we have a loving family that is sheltering us and where we are always welcome.

3. My brother, who is the ultimate example of a thankful heart that I have in my life. He is always there for me and I am so grateful he is my brother.

4. My parents, who are healthy and happy and so generous of heart.

5. My friends.  Some I’ve had since high school and college, some from my 20’s, some I’ve made in the last few years, and some are former students who now have become valued friends as well.  There is no substitute for thriving, wonderful friendships.

6. My new opportunity as a teacher online and as a writer for an education publication. Though not full-time work, it has given me consistent work in education and the ability to increase my skills.

6. My computer. It is no small thing to be able to enjoy a luxury such as a computer that makes work, communication and creativity more easily accessible for me.

7. The Doctor.  My son and I would not have fared this last year as well had we not had the Doctor to accompany us.  He bonded us together, gave us a new language for inside jokes and made us believe again in the magic of possibility.  Seems silly for a fictional character, but it really did make a difference for us.

8. Table Top Games.  Another thing that has continued to bond my son and I.  It’s our thing and I love so much that while he can game with friends and his dad on the computer, with me he still loves to break out the board game or cards and engage in fun.

9. The Election.  Though there are many things that I hope the President will get better on in his 2nd term, I am SO thankful that the Supreme Court, Foreign Diplomacy and Health Care access for Americans will be protected for at least 4 more years.  It really could have [List] In Which I am Thankfulbeen bad if it had gone the other way, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to move a liberal President to be even more progressive.  I’m also SO thankful for how many progressive women were elected.  The Senate will be all the better for increasing its female membership to 20%.  Getting it up to 50% is the next goal!

10.  The Holiday Season. The fact that Thanksgiving is the gateway to full time holiday music, movies, lights, decorations and that feeling of holiday joy is something that I just love about it. It soon will be Santa’s time, and that works for me.



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