In Which I Try to Write About Writing

I have been writing a lot lately.  A LOT.  (not alot…that would be this).  I have a new respect and empathy for professional writers.  It is really hard for me to stay disciplined and focused, especially in this era of twitter, constant political junkie news on the teevee, and my nemesis: reddit.  I am in the process of writing and editing (and writing and editing….) my masters thesis on civic education and state constitutions’ right to an education.  I am also a columnist and regular writer at The Educator’s Room.  I am also editing a column there as well.  I am writing job applications and resumes – not only for msyelf, but also helping my former students edit theirs.  I will soon be writing in response to students via a contract teaching job I just attained (yay!).  …And I started this blog to write even MORE!

This month is National Novel Writing Month (“NaNoWriMo”).  One of my writing idols, John Scalzi, doesn’t need to participate because his prolific writing knows no monthly boundaries.  But for the rest of us, this is a fun opportunity to challenge our creative writing juices.  One thing I have always started and never finished: a fiction story.  I usually end up spending most of my time with academic, political, or educational writing.  Personal writing is something a bit new to me, so this blog is stretching my comfort zone on that.  But I’d LOVE to write some quality fiction some day.

focus!  focus!

For my column writing, I have the pressure of a weekly deadline.  This and the various deadlines for my thesis writing have shown me that I have not outgrown my habit of producing most of my work with little time left on the clock.  But I’d rather be a paced writer.  Someone who gets up in the morning and writes.  Take a break.  Write some more.  Take a break, play with the Kid, write some more. A laid-off teacher and at home most of the time, I have no excuses – if I don’t focus now, I’ll end up like my Lil’ Wil Wheaton and his blank, empty pages:

Lil’ Wil Collates paper all day long

Time to write.







One thought on “In Which I Try to Write About Writing

  1. From a negative utrtilaiian perspective I guess the end of the world would be a good thing since it would eliminate all suffering.But if you’re weighing suffering vs happiness I wonder what the global average would be? In the comments they bring up the amount of people living in poverty, equating that with suffering, but isn’t suicide rates generally higher in more developed countries? That would indicate a lower level of happiness, if not suffering (depending on your definition of suffering) I don’t find it hard to imagine that overall suffering would outweigh overall happiness, so the end of the world might still be a good thing.Though this does of course not take in to account any intrinsic value of human life, if there is such a thing. I’ve always found it weird that human life would somehow be more valuable than any other form of life. Species become extinct all the time, but when it comes to humans the idea is suddenly unthinkable. It will (should) happen eventually

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