The Santa Dialogues

I have ALWAYS loved the holiday season.  Unlike most Americans, I am not really that into Halloween – it’s really just the last speed bump on my way to HOLIDAY LAND.  It’s infectious, it’s just wonderful, and I choose to believe that there is such a thing as holiday magic — sure the holidays themselves are man-made, often consumption-driven mockeries created by evil toy corporations and Coca Cola, but in my own little corner of Holiday Land, it is pure, magical wintertime goodness.

My son, probably from exposure to my holiday obsessions his entire life, has inherited a love of the holiday season too.  If I am not ready to put up the winter decos, holiday tree and lights the moment Thanksgiving Day turns over to midnight, then I am falling down on the job.  We don’t do shopping after Thanksgiving – we never have.  That holiday has always been about hanging out with family and enjoying each other’s company — and on that weekend following: HOLIDAY DECORATING!

Every holiday season we talk Santa.  I have always maintained that I believe in Santa.  Heck, if people can believe that God’s son was born in a stable and angels announced the event to shepherds, then why not a jolly man who demonstrates generosity, kindness and mystery, who happens to live at the North Pole?

For a couple of years, my now 10 yr old son has decided he doesn’t believe that Santa is real, and every year he brings it up as the holiday season starts — I think just to test me to see if I’ll falter in my belief.  I like to call these conversations the “Santa Dialogues.”  They have become as much of a tradition throughout our holiday season as eating hershey’s kisses at every moment possible.


Today, the 2012 Santa Dialogues began (a week before Halloween!).  It always happens unexpectedly in the most anti-climactic places.  Today, it was driving home from school.  The Kid opened up the conversation with the ever-popular bombshell:

TheKid: I don’t believe in Santa anymore.  Do you?

Me: (not missing a beat) Of COURSE I believe in Santa – what’s not to believe?!

TheKid: Well, I don’t believe in him anymore.

Me: But you believe in the Doctor – why not Santa?
TheKid: The Doctor is different. That’s a time space continuum thing.

If the Doctor is real… why not Santa?

Me: How do you think Santa gets to every kid on earth in one night, dude? Time-Space Continuum magic!
TheKid: Well… the weird thing is, I don’t believe in Santa, but I can still hear the bell ringing. So that doesn’t make any sense.
Me: Maybe that’s your inner soul still believing in magic even though your mind is more science-y now.
TheKid: Huh. But that IS weird about how I still hear the bell…. (drifts off into contemplation)
….and THAT is why the Santa Dialogues are what make my holiday season magical.

4 thoughts on “The Santa Dialogues

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  2. Lucky you! You do lots of lovely tignhs with your family. I hope you enjoyed the Circus! I wonder which act you liked the best? I have just come back from my holiday in Scotland. We had a great time. See you on Monday xxx

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