What I have learned so far from ‘Revolution’

I have been looking forward to the new dystopian show from NBC this season – it got a lot of good buzz back at ComicCon.  I was hoping for some sci fi but it looks more “Jericho” – which is fine with me – that show should have lasted longer.  I have high hopes for a show created by Eric Kripke (Supernatural), and because the pilot was directed by Jon Favreau (the quality showed and the acting was well done).

[WARNING: spoilers ahead!]

After the first episode, here is what I have learned so far:

1. Katniss Everdeen all growed up and very pretty.
2. Boy Katnisses.  Also pretty.
3. “physics went crazy” – but luckily, there is still gravity.
4.  evidently our entire future hinges on a USB download of some 1980’s DOS program.
5.  A LOT of vegetation can cover Wrigley Field in 15 years
6.  No one will remember how steam power works – so make a note now!
7.  There aren’t even any Dodge Darts on the road.  COME ON.
8.  Oh, right – even batteries don’t work.  Nevermind.
9.  We will still be able to produce well made clothing and your old ACDC shirt WILL last!
10.  There is hope – if you can do archery or sword fight.

The adventure continues next week!



2 thoughts on “What I have learned so far from ‘Revolution’

  1. Katherine – I heart Star Wars! I’ve probably seen it 1 Million times. I would have loved that party. Hmmm, you think I could pull off a Star Wars theemd gig for my 27th?

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