The Dysfunctional Book Times

Six of the top ten books on the NY Times Bestsellers List (fiction) are about incredibly broken, dysfunctional and toxic relationships.  And not about WHY they are broken, dysfunctional and toxic — no, they are in fact celebrations of that condition.  The top three books are all three in the series Fifty Shades of Grey – the incredibly pedantic, sophomoric Twilight fan fiction that has taken over the bookshelves.  It is in fact, the top selling book of all time in Britain – it’s even beaten Harry Potter, for crying out loud.  Much has already been written in review and commentary of these books, and I won’t add to that actual body, mostly because I couldn’t read past the second page.  But for reference, some of the BEST (and most hilarious) reviews are from Katrina Lumsden on Goodreads and the BizzyBiz Blog (“Fifty Screams of Hate”).

I think I’ll stick with the great Opinionista:

Despite the fact that I love to read and that I like to be culturally correct (that’s what I call keeping up with the bestselling books, movies, etc…), let me tell you why I will never read Fifty Shades of Grey:

 Lousy, lousy writing.  After reading some excerpts from the book on news articles (like I did for Twilight), two things are clear to me:  1.  Twilight seems to have been written by a 15-year old.  2.  Grey seems to have been written by that same 15-year-old in her late 20′s, who never bothered to take a writing class in-between her two chef d’oeuvres.

-I don’t like pain.  I don’t care how sexily it’s packaged or what pleasures are promised after it. Pain is, well, painful—and it’s not for me.

-I don’t have a rape fantasy.  In fact, as far as I’m concerned ,the words rape and fantasy don’t belong in the same sentence, which brings me to,

-Mommy porn.  Another two words that should not be paired up.   For starters, the word “mommy” implies that you’re the mom of a small child which means that you have no time to have sex, much less read about it.

Right. Can we please stop and think a moment about what’s being condoned here?   Let’s be done with this ridiculous pretension and alternate world where women of this country find enjoyment in reading about twisted and broken humans hurting each other and that being a turn on.  I pity all the real and talented authors out there with incredible books waiting for us to discover them…all the while having to watch this drivel take up space on the NY Times bestseller list.  Just sad.


What do you think?

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