Forming Table Top Habits

The Kid and I have recently really gotten into watching Wil Wheaton’s show “Table Top” (via Geek and Sundry) where he and a gang of his friends (different friends each episode) sit around a table and play a board game – the purpose being to explain how the game is played and to see people having fun playing it.  It’s BRILLIANT – obviously, as it’s from the mind of the Wheaton.  (I will just provide the caveat here that I don’t believe I’ve actually risen to the level of internet stalker with regards to Wil, but I could be a borderline case – he is one of my favorite famous-people-who-aren’t-pretentious-and-so-I-can-imagine-being-their-friend… people). So this week we watched Castle Panic and Settlers of Cattan.  The Kid is more interested in Settlers of Cattan while I thought Castle Panic looked more fun – so we’ll have to try both!  I will report back on our success.


2 thoughts on “Forming Table Top Habits

  1. I actually qutosien how they get to their recommmendations anyway. Just because I buy one CD by a great singer doesn’t mean that that genre of music actually interests me. I’d rather not have them give me any recommendations at all.In fact, I have bought a few of my Stephen King book through Amazon and they didn’t even write to let me know that he recently released a new one so are they really looking at my buying habits?

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